Our Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced dental technology is constantly being developed, and all of it with the same goal: to provide you quicker, more effective, and comfortable care. Dr. Patel and Dr. Chuck are committed to providing cutting-edge technology services that utilize today’s advanced technology in our Bradenton FL, office. Moreover, advanced technology is at the center of our minimally invasive approach, allowing us to treat you while causing as little trauma and pain as possible. Our advanced technology empowers us to maximize your comfort and minimize your discomfort, swelling, and bleeding.
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Advanced Technology We Use To Treat You

⦿ CT Scan
⦿ CEREC (Same day Crown Delivery)
⦿ Intraoral Camera
⦿ Smile Stimulation
⦿ 3D Printing

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More Ways Advanced Technology Benefits You

Advanced technology doesn’t simply enable us to provide you with minimally invasive care on a variety of procedures from the simple to complex, it also provides many other advantages. Through advanced technology, we can improve the accuracy of your diagnosis with evidence-based results. We can also execute your treatment planning and procedures with far greater precision than we otherwise would be able to provide. Advanced technology also enables us to streamline your care with shorter but more productive appointments.



AMAZING PEOPLE! I've never had such a wonderful experience from the minute I walked into the dentistry office until the very end of the visit! Really amazing people, each and every one of them! So polite, so funny, so helpful, and so thoroughly involved and thoroughly knowledgable in the care and utmost health of your teeth. Sending them 5 STARS! Go see this amazing dentist and his team, you won't be disappointed!



I had Invisalign done with Dr. Patel, and it was a perfect experience from beginning to end. HE is a perfectionist and was attentive and professional from the initial consultation through to post-treatment. I've had orthodontic work done before and it can be a confusing and daunting process, but Dr. Patel provided confident and reassuring guidance the whole way.



I personally did not like going to a dentist until I met Dr. Nish. Smyl Manatee makes you feel welcome the second you walk in the door the entire staff is friendly. I will continue to tell everyone I know about the regular checkup & cleaning experience I had. Amazing doctor with an amazing team.



I was always scared of going to the dentist with the dental anxiety I had until I visited Smyl Manatee. The doctor told me about sedation dentistry and how the crown & bridge work. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, I was guided thoroughly, and the procedure went smoother than I thought. Highly recommended, if you are looking to improve your smile.



Dr. Patel and his team are amazing! They're professional, considerate, and make you feel at ease. I had an implant done a few years and now returning for two more. As much as I hate dental work, I'm at ease returning to Dr. Patel and his team. After my consultation, I left with a lot of information, answered questions, and excitement to fix my smile again. There's no one I trust more for my dental work!